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62 Squadron RFC/RAF History 1916-18


Stations and dates

Serny from 1.2.18 to 8.3.18.

Cachy from 8.3.18 to 25.3.18,

Remaisnil from 25.3.18 to 29.3.18.

Planques from. 29.3.18 to 7.8.13,

Croisette from 7.8.18 to 26.9.18,

Belle Vue from 26.9.18 to 29.10.18.

Marquion from 29.10.18 to 18.11.18.

Aulnoye from 18.11.18 to 14.12.18,

Namur from 14.12.18 to 19.12.18,

Nivelles from 19.12.18 to 05.19.



Bristol Fighter F2b, with Falcon 3 (264 H.P.) Rolls Royce engines.  Built for the most part by the Bristol (British and Colonial) Aviation Company, Brislington, Bristol.


Commanding Officers and Dates.

Major J B T Leighton MC, from 8.8.16 to 17.1.17.

A short period of acting command by Capts. J Sowrey and G R Elliott

Major R G D Small from 3.3.17 to 13.9.17.

A further short period of acting command by Capts J A McKelvie, and T S Sharpe.

Major F W Smith from 18.10.17 to 12.2.19.


Wings and Brigades.

Under 21st Wing, and Southern Training Brigade  on the Home Establishment.

Under 9th Wing and 9th Brigade from 2.2.18 to  2.6.18.

Under 81st Wing and 10th Brigade from 3.6.18 to 20.6.18.

Under 9th Wing and 9th Brigade from 21.6.18 to 17.7.18.

Under 54th Wing and 9th Brigade from 17.7.18 to 6.8.18.

Under 9th Wing and 9th Brigade from 7.8.18 to 19.11.18.

Under 51st Wing and 9th Brigade from 20.11.18


Enemy aircraft destroyed.

Seventy six.

Enemy aircraft driven down out of control.

Eighty five.



Offensive patrols, for the seeking out and destruction of enemy aircraft. During latter period overseas, a large number of bomb raids were escorted (by day).  During times of emergency, a great deal of ground strafing was carried out.


The most successful action against EA was on the 3rd May, In the Armentieres sector, when 9 machines were destroyed by the Squadron and 6 others were a driven down out of control.

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Editors note: The Squadron was disbanded in July 1919

No 62 Sqn RFC Officers, late 1918

No. 62 Sqn RAF Officers (probably early 1919 at Nivelles) wearing a mixture of RAF and RFC uniform. Possibly marking Major Smith's departure in February. Major Smith (centre with dog) and Capt. F G C Weare MC on his left (centre).

 Photo from  Major F W Smith's collection.

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